New Men's Fragrance by Ermenegildo Zenga "UOMO"

Thanks to Miju for the lab sample of the new Men's Fragrance by Zenga

Welcome to the World of the Zegna Man,

Shot by acclaimed director Jonas Åkerlund at the architectural masterpiece Casa Malaparte, Capri, Italy

A cinematic exploration of what it means to be a man that lives with passion, who steps up towards his destiny.  Welcome to the aspirational world that accompanies the launch of UOMO, the new fragrance for men from Ermenegildo Zegna. 

The film, shot by Jonas Åkerlund, was conceived as a modern monument to masculinity. It is the compelling story of a man with an undeniably strong appetite for life who is on a personal quest to find his equal. 

As the Zegna Uomo man, brought to life by Zegna’s classic ambassador model Ryan Burns, pursues his goal, the action pulses with the radiant energy of a natural phenomenon.  First taking the viewer on an elegant thrill ride along winding cliffs that are both tantalizing and dynamic with their beauty and suggestion of danger. 

The narrative takes an ascendant turn at Casa Malaparte, an autobiographical and architectural feat built with a reverence for its unique Italian landscape.  Its iconic presence makes it a most fitting landmark for this modern fragrance icon. Envisioned and built in 1942 on a peninsula on the Isle of Capri by Italian journalist and writer Curzio Malaparte, Casa Malaparte is a testament to masculine determination and intensity, and therefore a perfect centerpiece of the Uomo film. 

As the Uomo man climbs its formidable stairs, his destiny comes closer with every step. His progress is a potent reflection on what has been, and a majestic projection of what will be.  The scene explodes with confidence and power.  As he reaches the summit, he is one with the landscape and with his equal.  The world is his for the taking.

“UOMO represents modern masculinity for the aspirational man who lives with passion and not only steps up towards his destiny, but achieves all that he wants out of life.    It is a world where craft, culture and creativity merge, and where Zegna has been a pioneer for decades,” said Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, Global Brand President, Aramis & Designer Fragrance Division, The Estee Lauder Companies.

The print media, shot by Matthew Brookes, creates an elegant and seamless message.  Composed to highlight the intensity of the moment, it has the aura of a set of film stills.  The narrative progression highlights the coming together of man and woman.  The image captures the tension that propels this preordained meeting of two who were meant to be.  Partners in ambition and partners in intimacy.  As framed, their meeting is as enticing as it is inevitable.


Welcome to the World of the Zegna Man,

About Jonas Åkerlund
Renowned Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund is an internationally awarded director of music videos, commercials, documentaries, stage shows and feature films.  Jonas has directed music videos for Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones, Beyoncé, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Metallica, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, Smashing Pumpkins, Lenny Kravitz and Maroon 5 to name a few.  His music video work has earned him several Grammy Awards, MTV Awards (including Best Director) and the prestigious MVPA Hall of Fame Award. As recently as late 2009 he won a coveted MVPA for the music video for Lady Gaga's “Paparazzi”. Jonas has also directed the award winning video "Telephone" for Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé.

About Matthew Brookes
Self-taught Matthew Brookes was born in England, grew up in South Africa, and presently makes his home in Paris, where he's been living for 8 years.  Matthew has shot advertising campaigns for Ermenegildo Zegna and Bergdorf-Goodman. His magazine work includes French Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview Magazine, Vogue Homme International, the New York Times (T Magazine), and Numero Hommes Magazine.

About Ermenegildo Zegna Group
The Ermenegildo Zegna Group is a leading luxury menswear brand and one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. Founded in 1910 in Trivero, in the Biella Alps, by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo, whose vision was to ethically create the world’s finest textiles through innovation and the sourcing of the noblest fibres directly from their markets of origin, the company is managed today by the fourth generation of the Zegna family with Gildo Zegna as CEO. Since the late 1980s, the company has implemented a comprehensive strategy of verticalization, creating a global luxury brand which now ranges from fabric to clothing to accessories, is focused on retailing, pioneering early entry in emerging luxury markets, BRIC and Asia in particular, and was the first luxury brand to open a monobrand store in China in 1991.
Ermenegildo Zegna celebrated 100 years of excellence in 2010. Today there are 557 Zegna stores (311 company-owned) in over 100 countries around the world. The total Group revenues in 2011 reached € 1.127 bn.
In March 2012 the Group launched ZegnArt, an independent commitment focused on international collaboration in the field of visual arts.

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