Lo fi / Hip Hop / Chill Beats Compilation

Lo fi / Hip Hop / Chill Beats Compilation

004/20 is the last appointment of this year with the world of Lo Fi/Hip Hop by Emic Entertainment, to be released on December 28. A compilation of chill beats closes a journey that began in April and that has accompanied thousands of passionate listeners in a world of sinuous grooves and rarefied melodies. This fourth release is no exception and confirms the presence of an Italian Lo Fi/Hip Hop scene very much alive and present.

The 13 beats of the compilation are the ideal sound background to conclude a difficult year with a right and deserved dose of hope: the soft sonorities supported by smooth rhythms and sophisticated harmonies guide the listener towards positive and comforting thoughts. This is the power of chill vibes.

004/20 is not just a compilation of beats, it is an example of sharing music, thoughts and collective imagination. An important message of togetherness for our dark times that need light, hope and good music.

1. Alex Is – registrazione n.27
2. Aquiloo – 15 Cloud_s
3. Big Vitt – To The Moon And Back
4. Cyanaid – Underwater
5. Elisa Garbo – Vega
6. Frankie Flow – sl33py
7. GaulioPhedro – Flauttuo
8. I’m Nick – Sleepless Nights
9. Kurokame – Weed The People
10. Numb – Fujiko
11. RDA – Northern Lights
12. Y II X III – Continuity

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