Narsissist - @Ingloryusnai



The dictionary definition of a narcissist. Ironically enough we're told especially in this era of finding ” self ” to love first from within, and it would spill forth to everyone and everything we touch. Somehow when we do that wholeheartedly, It's tagged  a problem.

Well, that’s the route the New Nonaimi Amoye pka NAI’s Single follows. 
Loving self and having only time to encourage self, work excessively on self and the observations that come from doing that.

With Production from mike Hector (Production credits: Kendrick Lamar ”God”. Denzel Curry ”Clout Cobain”)

The song takes you through a sonic lyrical landscape forged from pain, regret and insight obtained from each to grow.

LISTEN TO NARSISSIST • nai.fanlink.to/nars


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