American Dream: The 21 Savage Story | Official Trailer

American Dream: The 21 Savage Story | Official Trailer


A gritty, authentic, and inspiring story of a young man's journey from the streets of Atlanta to the heights of hip-hop stardom, navigating the complexities of immigration, family, and chasing the American Dream.

From the impoverished streets of Atlanta, to the hallowed halls of hip-hop royalty, 21 Savage's life is an extraordinary tale of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of an elusive dream. His story is a testament to the power of music to transcend adversity and break down barriers, a beacon for those seeking to escape the harsh realities of their circumstances.

Against all odds, 21 Savage emerges from a childhood marked by hardship and violence, finding solace and escape in the rhythm and rhymes of hip-hop. His music, raw, honest, and unapologetic, speaks to the struggles and triumphs of inner-city life, resonating with a generation seeking an authentic voice.

As his star rises, 21 Savage is thrust into the spotlight, navigating the treacherous waters of fame and fortune, while grappling with the complexities of his immigration status. His arrest by ICE, a stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by immigrants, casts a shadow over his newfound success, testing his resolve and challenging his sense of identity.

Despite these obstacles, 21 Savage remains steadfast in his pursuit of the American Dream, using his platform to advocate for social justice and inspire others to chase their own aspirations. His music, once a reflection of his own experiences, now becomes a catalyst for change, challenging stereotypes and empowering those who feel marginalized.

In a world where success often seems fleeting and unattainable, 21 Savage's story serves as a powerful reminder that dreams can indeed come true. His journey is a testament to the human spirit's resilience, the transformative power of music, and the unwavering belief in the pursuit of one's aspirations.

Written By: FADED4U

Happy Place and Gilga present a Happy Place production Built by GilgaBox 

Featuring: 21 Savage, Donald Glover, Caleb McLaughlin 

Directed by: Stephen Glover, Jamal Olori, Fam Udeorji, and Luis Perez

Written by: Jamal Olori and Stephen Glover

Produced by: Tara Razavi and Fam Udeorji 

Executive Producer: Tara Razavi and Fam Udeorji

With special appearances by: Gail Bean, Druski, Jabari Banks, Chad Lindberg, Victoria Pedretti, Young Mazino, Natasha Lyonne 

Pre-save and pre-order music inspired by the film at: http://AmericanDream21savage.com Follow 21 Savage: http://21Savage.com http://twitter.com/21Savage http://instagram.com/21Savage http://facebook.com/21Savage

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