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Never Before Seen Images of The Rolling Stones 



Keith Richards

In front of me I have a black and white photo of myself kitted out in true Western garb down to a Colt 45 revolver and a Winchester repeating rifle. (When you’re deep in the back country of Arizona you are dead without one.) I’m standing in front of a beautiful chestnut quarter horse, who became my friend and my tutor for about a week. I look ludicrously young but very much at home. The other person there (not shown in the shot) was Gered, and we were surely two of the most unlikely people to meet in the Arizona desert. He’s not visible because Gered took the photo. I should have taken one of him because he looked the perfect greenhorn: cherubic, bespectacled, always with a camera ready for the fast draw. Those nights beside the fire sleeping on our saddles and trying to keep the beans pacified has been indelibly stamped in my mind. (Also the look on Gered’s face as our old Indian guide blasted away at a mountain lion that got too close for comfort.) He once took me to meet his father on a drive in the English countryside. Wolf must have wondered what his son had dragged in, although it was a very pleasant afternoon. We’ve met briefly over the last (mere) 50 years, yet I always feel a warm glow when I think of the photographer on the range and I wonder, does he still carry a camera wherever he goes…

The Rolling Stones: Rare and Unseen – the must-have book for every Rolling Stones fan featuring containing many never-before-seen images.

Legendary photographer Gered Mankowitz helped to shape the very image of the Stones, shooting record covers, portraits and intimate sessions with the band at home and on tour. Here, he delves deep into his incomparable archive, uncovering the hidden gems that have remained unpublished and unseen for over 50 years – until now.

Alongside his iconic and much-loved images that captured the Stones at their swaggering best, these photographs show the band unguarded and unvarnished – young men in the eye of a rock 'n' roll storm, with the world at their feet.

Hundreds of photographs are accompanied by Gered's memories and revealing insights as well as essays on the band by authors including author Will Hodgkinson and the New York Times' Ben Sisario. The Rolling Stones: Rare and Unseen is the definitive collection of Mankowitz's breathtaking photography.
Gered Mankowitz is a photographer best known for his work documenting famous musicians, including the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Marianne Faithfull, for whom he produced album covers and fashion editorials in addition to his personal work. He has published numerous books of his work, including The Experience: Jimi Hendrix at Mason’s Yard and Marianne Faithfull: Fabulous Beast among many others.

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