Muni Long Tells The Spout Podcast How She is Saving R&B Music, Listen NOW


Muni Long Tells The Spout Podcast How She is Saving R&B Music, Listen NOW

The Spout Podcast unveils its latest episode featuring the exceptionally talented Muni Long as the guest. With an undeniable talent, a captivating presence, and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Muni Long is demonstrating that she is more than just "Made for Me"; she is destined for the spotlight as her star power continues to ascend.

In a candid conversation with The Spout Podcast, Muni Long peeled back the layers of her creative process, sharing intimate details about the genesis of "Made For Me." She revealed how she started writing around the holidays when the music industry shuts down and how she had no distractions, just a makeshift studio in her bedroom. Long explains, "I did maybe, like, 40 songs, and 'Made For Me' was one of them.  It was just piano and vocal, and it was just like purging all the things that I had going on in my mind and in my life; I put into music. That's what you guys are hearing today. "

Long attributes her success to a higher power, describing her creative process as a "God Whisper." On the podcast, she expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of her God-given gifts by fellow artists, citing Charlie Puth, who not only covered "Made For Me" but praised it as "one of the best songs written in the last 10 years." Long responded, stating, "It's amazing to get acknowledgment or confirmation, should I say, from your super, uber-talented peers, and I've known Charlie for years. I wrote a song with him on one of his albums called “River” years ago, and man, it's a blessing, like I said, man, anytime I see any of my peers enjoying my music like that, it's just like, okay, I might know what I'm doing a little bit.”

Host Tamara Dhia shed light on Muni Long's journey, emphasizing her transition from a successful songwriter (formerly known as Pricilla Renee) to a thriving artist. Long clarified, "I've never not been an artist, so there was no transition. It was sort of just like, maybe, like a turning up the volume, I would say."

When questioned about her optimism, Long admitted to moments of frustration, recalling a night when she contemplated quitting but ultimately persevered. She admits, "I have gotten frustrated, and I have almost quit. I remember one night packing up my car, and I was gonna drive the eight hours from Atlanta to Florida."

Ultimately, Long turned the car around and returned home with no one the wiser. She explains, "I mean, it's the human experience you gonna get frustrated. But you know, when it's something that you really know that you want to do for the rest of your life, and is your purpose, you gonnstick it out. That's why you should only do things that you really love, because it's gonna be frustrations with everything. It's gonna be struggles with everything."

Long's resilience and dedication are paying off, as she teased her upcoming music on The Spout Podcast. She described her new project as "an amazing pop, R&B record" crafted with the expertise gained from over 15 years in the industry. Long expressed excitement about collaborating with renowned producers such as Tricky Stewart, The Dream, Theron Thomas, Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, Tommy Parker, Bianco, and Smoko Ono.

The new music promises a blend of intentional storytelling, lyrical content, and captivating melodies, offering listeners a unique experience into the mind of a young black woman making waves in the R&B genre. Long says, "I'm very, very excited for people to just hear my thoughts and share the experience of like what I feel like as a young black woman making R&B music.

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