New Music: Slum Village - "Factor" + Tour Dates

New Music: Slum Village - "Factor"

It's been nearly a decade since the release of Slum Village's last proper full-length album. 2015's critically acclaimed Yes! further cemented T3 and Young RJ's ability to effectively carry on the legacy of the seminal rap group, retaining its essence while evolving its sound with fresh new energy. Since then, the two have gone on to pursue solo endeavors. However, with last year's sold out tour in Europe, and the release of the Larry June and The Dramatics-assisted "Just Like You", it was revealed that the duo was back in the lab together working on a new Slum Village album. With the release of the smoothed-out, Earlly Mac-assisted "Request" at the top of 2024, the new album's title, FUN, was revealed.  Today (3/15/2024), Slum Village taps legendary soul singer/songwriter Eric Roberson, and keyboardist Elijah Fox for a soulful new jam, "Factor", and reveals that FUN will release via Ne'Astra Music/Virgin Music Group on April 19.

"This is for our old-school fans, taking you back to the beginning" - T3 & Young RJ

Slum Village is set to return to Europe for the FUN Since 92 Tour, kicking off on April 4 in Bologna, Italy. Following their 28 tour dates in Europe, T3 and Young RJ will join SZA and Jack Harlow in Louisville, Kentucky for the Gazebo Festival in May.

Born from the vibrant energy of Detroit's Conant Gardens, Slum Village is more than just a group-- it's a brotherhood bound by friendship and music. Founded in the early '90s by T3Baatin, and the legendary J Dilla (a.k.a. Jay Dee), the group debuted as "Ssenepod" on 1996's Fantastic Vol. 1, before blossoming into the iconic name we know today. Their early recordings, crafted in the intimacy of Dilla's basement, pulsated with the raw energy of the Detroit underground. By 1998, their talent landed them a deal with local label Barak Records, thrusting them onto a path of critical acclaim. Backed by the underground imprint, Slum Village released their seminal 2000 album Fantastic Vol. 2.

While Vol. 2 was a significant breakthrough for the group, it wasn't until Barak and Capital Records teamed to issue Slum Village's Trinity (Past, Present and Future) in 2002 that the group saw mainstream success. With the Dwele-assisted hit "Tainted", the album remains the group's highest-charting album to date. Though J Dilla left the group to embark on a solo journey in 2000, his influence remained deeply ingrained in Slum's DNA through his protรฉgรฉ, and now Grammy-nominated producer, Young RJ, who served as co-producer and engineer for much of Slum Village's transitional work. 

Slum continued to push boundaries, scoring their second commercial smash "Selfish" (featuring Kanye West and John Legend), from their 2004 album Detroit Deli, which peaked on Billboard's Hot 100 in 2004. After 2010's Villa Manifesto, Young RJ officially joined Slum Village as a rapper. RJ and founding member T3 reinforced Slum Village’s legacy as a duo with two critically-acclaimed albums, Evolution (2013) and Yes! (2015)-- the latter of which features posthumous Dilla production. Together, T3 and Young RJ have continued to carry the torch for 12 years, honoring their group's original vision while continuing to evolve its legacy with fresh new energy and infectious enthusiasm.

Photo credit: Frankie Fultz
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