Star2 Soars With "Shooting Stars": A New Era of Love-Soaked Island Pop

Star2 Soars With "Shooting Stars": A New Era of Love-Soaked Island Pop

Star2, the Asian-American artist and champion for refugees worldwide, has unveiled his latest project, "Shooting Stars". This 11-track album marks a fresh direction for Star2, brimming with infectious pop love songs and transporting island vibes.

The title track, "Shooting Stars," captures the bittersweet feeling of yearning for someone seemingly out of reach. With shimmering beats, tropical soundscapes, and vocals dripping with longing, Star2 paints a picture of lovesickness. He compares his love interest to a shooting star, a fleeting glimpse that ignites a desire for a lifetime of connection. The song evokes a powerful moment – how a single encounter can spark a yearning for an everlasting bond.

Born in the Mae La refugee camp in Thailand, Star2's journey has been marked by hardship and displacement. However, he found solace in music, a source of strength and expression. His music has resonated with audiences, leading to collaborations with renowned artists like Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, and Mozzy.

Star2's talent and impact have been recognized by major platforms like Ones to Watch, Harper's Bazaar Vietnam, GQ, and BET. His music promises to continue igniting hearts and inspiring the next generation of artists.

Listen to the album HERE

Star2 began his life in a Thai refugee camp where he was forced to flee genocide from the Burmese army in Myanmar who burned his village to the ground. A lottery in the camp brought him to San Diego with his grandmother and her four children, where he began a new life. Now, under the mentorship of esteemed producer Chico Bennett, his collaborations with acclaimed rappers include Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, Mozzy, MBNel, Luh Kel, Lil Poppa, HoodTrophy Bino, YSN Flow, and MarMar Oso to name a few. While not on tour, he documents his journey in the popular 'Adventures of Star2' series on YouTube. As an influential figure in Asian-American music, Star2 entwines heartfelt stories with captivating visuals, chronicling a tale of resilience and ascent. Esteemed platforms like Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, GQ, HotNewHipHop, Ones to Watch, BET, and Lyrical Lemonade, among others, have celebrated his contributions.

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