The Game Needs Me By A Syndicate World ft. MeRCY

 The Game Needs Me By A Syndicate World ft. MeRCY

Produced by BKS, MeRCY is back yet again with some new music with the release of “The Game Needs Me“. The artist can’t leave rap alone. Why you ask? Well, simply put, the game needs the South Florida native and his gritty rhymes that he injects into each instrumental that is sent his way. 

“Upon my initial encounter with the record, it was as though I’d been transported back to the illustrious era of Hip-Hop, circa 1996”. – Dom Savant

MeRCY doesn’t play when behind the mic, he is all business even when getting a little dirty while spitting his bars that has become more of an addiction then anything. Although the crime scene may look dirty, the artist still cleans up well with his flow and he knows it too. The game needs MC’s like MeRCY who seem to keep everyone on their toes and its easy to see/hear how they do it. With vibes reminiscent to the legendary Ghostface Killah and Mobb Deep, the artist provides listeners with an immediate connection to his raps captivating them from start to finish. “The Game Needs Me” is set to be featured on the project Syndicate Singles that is being put together by A Syndicate World, with a mission and vision of fostering collaborations with diverse artists. The project emerges as a beacon spotlighting the evolution of Hip-Hop and R&B across the decades. 

Take this record as an example of what MeRCY provides to the game, then hit his catalogue for more.

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