“LUCY” EP APRIL 29TH - @Koncept



The lead single & title track "Lucy" paints a vivid picture into his neighborhood, his environment, and really shows you the strength and talent to why and how Koncept got here.
Produced by Max Landry.Koncept’s single “Leather" highlights the fact that it takes a lot of strength and confidence to navigate to the path you invision for yourself. With all the distractions in our environments, it requires discipline, courage and strategy to determine how to move, what is valuable and what is not while moving towards that vision. Like every human, he too has been dragged down by distractions and circumstances, but it is overcoming those hard times through love for yourself, your passions and your people that make you "tougher than leather". This is a reflection of Koncept's upbringing, raised by a super strong single mom that worked multiple jobs to support him after leaving Koncept's father who was addicted to drugs. It wasn't easy, but she knew what she had to do to give her son a better life. Produced by Jerm.

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