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MasterClass Announces Naomi Campbell to Teach How to Take on Modeling and Life With Confidence

Supermodel and cultural icon shares lessons she's learned from decades of navigating the fashion industry to build confidence, deal with adversity and stand strong in your beliefs

 MasterClass, the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world's best across a wide range of subjects, today announced that legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell will teach a class on modeling fundamentals. In her class, she will give members insight into the misconceptions of the modeling industry, share advice on how to handle rejection and give an inside look on how she is working to make fashion and modeling more inclusive. The class is available now exclusively on MasterClass, where subscribers get unlimited access to all 180+ instructors with an annual membership.

"Naomi is a legend, whose confidence, poise and fearlessness have helped her inspire and advocate for younger generations coming up in the fashion world and beyond," said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass. "In her class, she teaches members how to harness their power and show up as their best selves, both in front of the camera and in everyday life."

In her class, Campbell teaches members how to navigate the business of the modeling industry, experiment with poses, feel confident and develop a signature walk. For members wanting to break into the fashion industry, she gives insight into the business of modeling, from how to find an agent and handle contracts to the importance of building a versatile lookbook. Making it her mission to create space for diversity and inclusion in the modeling industry through efforts like mentorship, she works with four London-based fashion models who are new to the industry to demonstrate how to find their stride on the catwalk. Campbell also shares her personal journey and celebrates the famous Black models who paved the way for her career, showing the importance of advocating for your culture and community. Members will walk away feeling empowered to overcome their fears, own a room more confidently and stand strong for what they believe in.

"Most people view fashion as an untouchable, glamorous fantasy, but modeling at its best is a source of inspiration that shows you who you can be in your best form," Campbell said. "This class is about personal empowerment and authenticity, culture and community, and the power of giving back to open the doors for those who come after us."

Naomi Campbell is one of the most iconic supermodels in history, having caught her big break at just 15 years old. She has since graced the covers of more than 500 magazines, specifically as the first Black model to appear on the cover of Time, French, Russian, and British Vogue. She has appeared in campaigns for some of the most notable brands in fashion, including Burberry, Prada, Versace, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and walked the runways for Azzedine AlaΓ―a, Christian Dior and many others. In addition, Campbell is a fashion model pioneer and cultural advocate for the professional advancement of young Black women. As an activist, Campbell works alongside notable charities such as Fashion for Relief, Nelson Mandela Child Relief Fund and amfAR to improve the lives of those living with detrimental adversity and raise much-needed funds for AIDS research and resources.

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