Give Your Skin a Moisture Boost with Lotus Aroma

 Give Your Skin a Moisture Boost with Lotus Aroma

Canadian wellness brand Lotus Aroma, reminds you of the importance of moisturizing your skin during every season.


Looking for a beauty and wellness routine that will boost your confidence and energy to get your day starting off right? Lotus Aroma’s natural face care provides a host of benefits for both body and mind! The combination of essential oils and carefully selected active ingredients help to deliver the functional AND emotional benefits you’re looking for.


With Lotus Aroma’s all-natural face care, treat yourself to an invigorating routine to prepare and protect your skin – and your mind! – from daily aggressions.

The Lotus Aroma moisturizing routine includes:


Daily Face Cream ($49) - with sacred lotus leaf extract and coconut oil instantly awakens, refreshes and energizes.


Daily Eye Cream ($38) – provides a tightening effect by smoothing fine lines and reducing dark circles and puffiness, revealing rested, luminous eyes. Artificial fragrance-free.


Rich Cream ($54) – is ideal for protecting skin from damage caused by cold weather. For an intense hydration boost, it can also be used as a night mask.


Daily Hydrating Serum ($54) – that brightens, moisturizes and protects skin against harmful free radicals.


Vitamin C Night Serum ($56) - with AHA and BHA, a restorative treatment that gently exfoliates the skin while you sleep to reveal a more even, radiant complexion when you wake up.

Lotus Aroma skin care products are available on their website at www.lotusaroma.com or at your local pharmacy.

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