Abominable Snowman (Album) By Showtime Ramon Out Now on FADED4U


Abominable Snowman (Album) By Showtime Ramon

Mexican/American artist, Showtime Ramon, has been on a tear as of late releasing banger after banger that include features from the likes of Mark Battles (Jet Lag) and Sir Michael Rocks (Clyde Drexler). Now the gem spitter drops his Abominable Snowman album to open up 2024 bringing along his clever word play filled with his love for pop culture, sports, cars and exotic women.

Weighing in at 10 tracks with features from Freetown (DDP) and Chuuwee (Pam Grier), Showtime enters the ring ready and willing to take on the world with his raw talent and flows filled with nitro as he continues to smackdown any competition that tries to tangle with him in a singles match. With raps like "I'm breaking barriers I'm like a Lisa Leslie dunk/I ain't trying to hear it/I'm sparking up in a Tessie truck" and "I spit that type of dope that Stevie Nix took up her nostril/now I need a JLO with a castle that's colossal/going worldwide I'm reaching shit that's impossible" it's hard not to give the artist the attention he deserves as he continues to put on for himself and the Latino people. Per usual, Showtime does a fantastic job picking and choosing production that fits him to the tee, aligning his bars perfectly with the drums, snares and bass provided to him by the cast of producers he called upon to create Abominable Snowman. In his own words the artist says "the cover art of the Abominable Snowman depicts my feeling through out the process, cold and alone on my pursuit of greatness as I improve my skill set to survive as the last of a dying breed, a rare breed. The Abominable Snowman is mythical, his actions are unknown just like my word play abilities".
Showtime Ramon isn't new to the rap scene as his discography features albums, EP's and singles with over thousands of streams but this latest set of sounds could be the game changer that solidifies Ramon's place above other artists trying to reach where he currently is. In turn separating himself even more from the crowd of regulars while he sits on a throne of his own. Showtime Ramon is the lights the camera and the action in his movie titled Abominable Snowman, in the words of Rob Van Dam, Showtime Ramon is the whole effin' show.

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