Padma Lakshmi Preps for the Emmys with Delavie Sciences!


Padma Lakshmi Preps for the Emmys with Delavie Sciences!

Padma Lakshmi preps for the 75th Emmy Awards with celebrity makeup artist William Scott using Delavie SciencesAeonia Age Defying Serum ($125) and Eye Refresh($75). Delavie Sciences’ Space Certified ™️ Aeonia line is clinically shown to help restore moisture to your skin and regulate visible signs of aging such as fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles.

"To prep the skin for makeup, I lightly exfoliated with a cotton pad and water, then I hydrated the skin with Aeonia Age Defying serum then cream. One of the keys to delaying signs of aging is keeping skin moisturized. Aeonia Age Defying serum delivers deep hydration to help plump the skin. By massaging the serum and cream into the skin, we reduce the appearance of fine lines. To hydrate and plump the skin around the eyes I massaged the Aeonia Eye Refresh in circular motions around the eye socket and on the lid with my fingers. Follow with primer. I then filled in the brow and traced it with concealer.

On the eyes I used a matte plum eyeshadow to define the socket and lower lid for a lightly smokey effect. I diffused the edges of the plum with a matte peach shadow, and swathed the ball of the lid in shimmering pinky peach shadow. Next I highlighted the inner corner with gold. I finished the eye with two coats of mascara and individual lashes. Finish the eyes with setting spray. Clean up any fall out under the eyes, and rehydrate the undereye with Aeonia Eye Refresh.

I concealed any blemishes, and brushed peach toned blush over the apples of the cheeks. Set the skin and blush with translucent powder. 

I finished tonight's Emmys look with a matte pink lip: I layered liner with powder and lipstick for a velvety finish."


Make Aeonia a part of your everyday skin care regimen for (ever)lasting effects that have a lifelong impact. You can shop Delavie Sciences on their website.

Photo Credit @bobscott200

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