The American Dream…on Wheels


The American Dream…on Wheels

In a transformative era in which the traditional milestones of the American Dream are fading into the rearview mirror, millennials are trading in houses and desk jobs for the van life. With a surge in remote work opportunities, a growing emphasis on sustainable living and a sentiment of ‘experiences over possessions’, the allure of a simplistic, nomadic lifestyle has never been stronger.

Their lightweight yet durable Efficiency Poplar plywood is reshaping van interiors, making them more efficient on the road while not compromising on quality or aesthetics. In fact, comparing two identical vans, one converted with regular plywood and the other converted with Garnica’s Efficiency Poplar, the latter one was about 220 lbs lighter.

Garnica, a leading manufacturer of premium, sustainable plywood is at the forefront of this shift, setting the standard in van conversions around the world.

What began as a North American project, supplying materials to Roadloft for their camper conversion kits, has expanded across the world as Garnica begins its latest collaboration with Vanpuravida in the UK.

As the road less traveled becomes the new norm, Garnica stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. In a world hungry for change, this isn't just a trend, it's a movement; an evolution of the American Dream.

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