America's Favorite Fashion Brand by State

America's Favorite Fashion Brand by State

As we recover from the pandemic, shopping habits have evolved, with a clear preference for online shopping over physical stores. Hubscore's "Fashion Trend Index" reveals SHEIN as the favorite in over half the nation's states, surpassing traditional brick-and-mortar brands. This dominance reflects the growing preference for online shopping, with SHEIN leading in 30 states. Consumers pointed to a number of reasons causing their dissatisfaction with physical stores, with 71% finding it difficult to compare prices.

The study “Fashion Trend Index delved into 45 online and brick-and-mortar fashion brands and uncovered the top 5 brands in each state. SHEIN emerges as the undisputed leader, capturing the hearts of fashionistas in an impressive 30 states. Zara follows behind, holding the top spot in 11 states, while H&M takes the lead in 8 states.

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