Experience All-Natural Odour Protection with Lotus Aroma’s Roll-On Deodorant

 Experience All-Natural Odour Protection with Lotus Aroma’s Roll-On Deodorant

Lotus Aromathe Canadian wellness company, recognizes the importance of health and wellness that now guides consumer’s shopping choices. That’s why it has embraced the demand for aluminum-free deodorants with its Roll-On Deodorant. This 100% natural roll-on deodorant is made with anti-bacterial and purifying properties. Aluminum-free, its deodorant protection is immediate and effective, without blocking the skin’s natural pores.

Retail Price: $16.50


Roll-On Deodorant Benefits:


  • It’s long-lasting. The Roll-On Deodorant provides 24-hour odour protection, so you can feel confident you’ll smell fresh and clean all day.
  • It’s invisible. Unlike other deodorants that leave white marks or stains on your clothes, Lotus Aroma’s Roll-On Deodorant goes on clear and doesn’t leave behind any visible residue.
  • It dries quickly. The fast-drying formula mean you don’t have to worry about waiting for your deodorant to dry before getting dressed or experiencing that uncomfortable, sticky feeling experienced with other deodorants.


Lotus Aroma skin care products are available on their website at www.lotusaroma.com or at your local pharmacy.

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