Camellia Sinensis: Mother’s Day Gifts “With Taste”

 Camellia Sinensis: Mother’s Day Gifts “With Taste”

Explore the harmony between tradition and modernity with unique Mother's Day gifts from Camellia Sinensis. From Mrs. Zhang's Teapot to Matcha Assortment, gift your mother a well-deserved break, filled with sweetness and joy. 



From the robust flavors of traditional blends to the delicate notes of herbal infusions, each cup is a journey in itself. With easy-to-follow preparation instructions included, it's the perfect opportunity to create memories over steaming cups of tea.


A simple yet elegant collection designed to upgrade your matcha ritual. This set includes traditional tools like a white bamboo whisk, a whisk holder, and a spoon. Complete with a sleek ceramic bowl for a perfect matcha making experience.


The artist Zhang Zhen Chun is the perfect example of symbiosis between modernity and tradition making this teapot a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication, perfectly suited to honor the woman who raises and fills your life with love and warmth. 


The artisanal aspect of these cups makes them all unique. This why each cup is distinct in shape and capacity, and no two are exactly alike, serving as a reminder of the irreplaceable role Mom plays - an individual whose presence is truly one of a kind.


Camellia Sinensis accessories are available in store and online at https://camellia-sinensis.com/en.

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