Reebok and X-Men Team Up for a Mutant-Sized Sneaker Pack!


Reebok and X-Men Team Up for a Mutant-Sized Sneaker Pack!

Marvel fans and sneakerheads, rejoice! Wolverine and Gambit are slashing their way into the footwear scene with a brand new Reebok collaboration.  This "X-Men Pack" celebrates the iconic heroes in style, featuring unique designs inspired by their animated appearances.

Wolverine: Classic Style with a Clawed Edge

The pack features a special edition Wolverine Classic Leather. This shoe embodies the mutant hero's signature colors – black, yellow, and blue – instantly recognizable to any X-Men fan.  Look closely for subtle hints of Wolverine's adamantium claws incorporated into the design, adding a touch of ferocity to the classic silhouette.

Gambit Brings the Flair with a Club C Takeover

Gambit isn't left out! The pack also includes a Club C dedicated to the "Ragin' Cajun." This shoe reflects Gambit's flamboyant personality with a bold color scheme that complements his signature trench coat look.

A Nostalgic Tribute to the Animated X-Men

Both sneakers feature the iconic X-Men logo on the heel and tongue, solidifying their connection to the superhero franchise.  The overall design aesthetic pays homage to the characters' appearances in the beloved X-Men '97 animated series, a surefire way to ignite a wave of nostalgia for fans.

Release Date:  May 2, 2024
Price: $90

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