Super X-Fi® Gen4: A New Sound Awaits


Super X-Fi® Gen4: A New Sound Awaits

 Building on the foundation of its award-winning Super X-Fi Headphone Holography, Creative Technology will be unveiling the all-new Super X-Fi Gen4 audio profile. This latest release boasts significant enhancements in dynamic range, clarity, and spatial awareness. The Super X-Fi Gen4 isn't just raising the bar; it's redefining the standard for immersive audio experiences. With this latest update, users can enjoy an expanded dynamic range, delivering richer, more detailed audio reproduction. Coupled with improved clarity, users can indulge in crystal-clear sound that captures every subtle nuance, while the refined sense of space offers a more expansive and lifelike soundstage.

Super X-Fi technology elevates the audio experience for users by recreating the immersive soundstage of high-end surround speaker systems within headphones, further personalized  by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a remarkably natural listening experience. Since its debut at CES 2019, users and critics have been impressed by the realism of personalized audio, which is tailored according to their anthropometric profiles. From immersing in the heart-pounding action of a blockbuster movie to feeling the raw energy of a live concert or delving into the captivating world of gaming, Super X-Fi can bring it all to life with breath-taking detail and precision.

Super X-Fi For Speakers

Originally engineered for headphones, Super X-Fi has elevated personal audio to new heights with its personalized spatial holographic experience. Now, this innovative technology is poised to transform the home entertainment landscape by bringing the same revolutionary experience to speaker systems. The debut of Super X-Fi for speakers brings a new dimension to home entertainment, effortlessly turning any living space into a vibrant concert hall or theatre. With every note, beat, and sound resonating with captivating realism and depth, users can expect an immersive listening journey, mirroring the satisfaction long enjoyed by Super X-Fi headphone users.

Super X-Fi Gen4 will be rolled out worldwide in June, with users simply needing to configure and download their new profiles through the SXFI APP.

Expanding Super X-Fi Ecosystem

Soon, Creative Technology will unveil the integration of Super X-Fi technology across its upcoming product line-up, spanning from True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds to premium headphones and speakers. This expansion will enable users to seamlessly tap into the world of Super X-Fi across their preferred streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify, even on compact earbuds and speakers—a pioneering feat for Super X-Fi technology.

"Our user community has played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of Super X-Fi, providing valuable insights and data that have refined our AI engine. With Super X-Fi Gen4, we're advancing further, delivering an even more immersive listening experience that breaks free from the limitations of flat and lacklustre audio. Moreover, we are also thrilled to announce the upcoming integration of Super X-Fi technology across our product line-up, offering users seamless access to spatial audio no matter where they are," said Lee Teck Chee, Chief Technology Officer at Creative and inventor of Super X-Fi.

For more information on Super X-Fi technology and products, visit sxfi.com.

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