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PMO $howtime is Primed for Stardom with New Single, “Cancel”

On January 1st, singer/rapper PMO $howtime is set to release the second single off his debut project, a tape that’ll introduce the world to the smooth ways of a player from central Seattle. On “Cancel” we see a different side of the young artist as he seamlessly combines addicting melodies with exceptionally quotable lyrics resulting in his most radio-friendly track yet. As always, PMO keeps it player as he sings and raps about declining calls from energy leeches and leveling up in whole. In an accompanying video directed by exciting young filmmaker Jesse Ray Payne, viewers are treated to contrasting clips of how PMO used to be affected by negative energy (set in Seattle) and clips of how beautiful and care-free life can be when you cancel the right people (set in Los Angeles). What will undoubtedly be one of the best independently released music videos this year is the perfect visual for PMO’s feel-good future-hit, “Cancel.”

Dropping Here on FADED4U Jan.1st.2021
12:00 am

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